Saturday, March 31, 2012


It is not often that I get to be an ACTUAL REVOLUTIONARY attempting to overthrow all that is good and right in the universe. Let me explain. Sort of. I have apparently joined the Revolution Nostalgia Disco Theater Revolution in Saudi Arabia that has something to do with Facebook and definitely promotes "homosexuality and pornography." This is from the arabic via google translate (and it got 246 hits!)--it is mangled but maybe I get the idea???
"Seemed that no one from the Saudis care about the so-called revolution of nostalgia, Valsafhh which calls for a revolution on Facebook does not exceed the number of members have 71 people, while the Forum calls for revolution, claimed that the number of Associate of another page reached 460 people through Wednesday last, in turn, opened the pages other to denounce the revolution and expose who is behind it, including the page "Sons of Arabia against the revolution nostalgia", and "page for the people of Saudi Arabia unified revolution against nostalgia" .. But what is the revolution of nostalgia and why so named?. Scan through a simple Internet - and the lack of people known to present themselves at the head of the revolution - show that there are a lot of statements about the reason for designation, there are those who say it's a quote from invasion of nostalgia, and others claim that they attributed to the founder of Revolution owner's Dr. Hanin Mahmoud Qadu - who is currently in the Nineveh Plain in Iraq - but the hidden quote for this Title is a quote west of the Revolution of disco nostalgia, which calls for pornography and homosexuality. And also shows that there are names - not Saudi Arabia - behind the revolution, including Mohamed Sabih Masri, and Iranian Hussein Ibrahim, Mohamed Ahmed, Ahmed Musawi vegetation. There is also a person named Hussein Abdel Fattah, one of the claims With 26 Saudi activists behind the revolution, but he did not mention their names, and simply put the name of the famous Salman and named it carved out the first" In any case, I am super happy to introduce Derek Jarman's Sebastiane to the Arab world.

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